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Moving retail forward

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Keynotes & presentations to inspire retailers to embrace change and thrive.

The old rules of retail no longer apply.

Faced with a mounting number of challenges, today’s retailers need new strategies and a fresh perspective to better address:

✔️ Staying ahead of evolving customer expectations


✔️ Meeting the demand for more sustainable products


✔️ A need for more resilient partnerships with key suppliers


✔️ Driving growth with private-label products


✔️ Creating more flexible sourcing models

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Hi, I'm Juli Lassow.

I'm a retail professional, speaker, writer, and aspiring planet saver.

I'm also the founder of JHL Solutions – a consultancy dedicated to helping build phenomenal private-label partnerships.

​My specific expertise (and professional passion) is connecting the dots between retailers, suppliers, and the strategies they need to bring must-have private-label products to market.

From working with mass retailers to coaching aspiring consultants, I'm passionate about sharing the lessons I've learned to motivate and guide my industry boldly into the future.

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Meet Juli

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Juli transforms how people work

Learn the mindsets, strategies, and tools to grow and thrive in the face of change.

In a rapidly changing industry where customer demands and business models are evolving on a constant basis, teams and consultants face immense pressure to keep up with the times and lead their company to success. 

2022 Topics

Circular Retail Now

There’s never been a better time for retailers and their partners to join the Circular Economy. Learn how circular economy systems can drive sales, profit, and loyalty in your retail business, all while saving the earth.

Supplier Partnerships
(Dating for Business)

Suppliers are essential to production, but how often do you take the time to cultivate these crucial relationships? Learn their impact and how to launch and refine your partnership programs.

Consulting for Corporates

Learn to navigate the path from corporate to consulting from someone that's walked it. I share real-world examples and resources to help you build a foundation to launch your new venture upon.

Supplier Vetting Made Easy

You know you need to grow your list of trusted suppliers, but you’re unsure how to get the ball rolling. Learn how to find the right suppliers and strengthen your bench with confidence. 

For a general audience at FINNOVATION Lab, Juli gave a fantastic overview of circular economy principles and how they are at work in the world of retail. Her presentation was full of clear and compelling examples that were engaging to the audience and generated a lot of discussion. I highly recommend Juli as a speaker!

Connie Rutledge


Are you looking for a speaker with heart & an influential voice?

If you want a smart, relatable, and engaging speaker who can deliver information in a compelling way, look no further. I've inspired countless retail professionals to look at everyday challenges through a different lens and create positive change within their organizations. 


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