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Next-Level Negotiations

Define and deliver private-label assortments as strategic assets.

Too many private-label retailers focus on cost—not value.

Despite the explosion of private-label offerings, many retailers are still hyper-focused on getting the lowest cost from their suppliers:

Negotiation efforts that go nowhere

Poor relationships with key suppliers

Capacity, technology & inventory shortfalls

Poor quality products that don’t deliver

Stop Bargaining. Start Negotiating.

Make deals that offer win-win outcomes & maximum value.

Build a team of exemplary negotiators

Gain a competitive advantage

Attract & retain the best suppliers

Launch products across multiple channels

Establish new categories

Elevate your proposals & counteroffers

Maximize your profitability

Create best practices for supplier onboarding

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Negotiation Services

We provide the guidance and tools you need to ensure product quality, competitive pricing, fully-stocked shelves, and delighted customers.

Strategic Mapping

Build a negotiation strategy that maximizes value for each business and matrix.

Essential Toolkit

Gain a proven and repeatable process for teams to leverage again and again.


Dedicated support to help your team build and deliver effective negotiations strategies.

JHL Solutions can help you finalize the strategy, mobilize teams, connect with suppliers, and get results.

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Negotiation failures can lead to:

Operations teams that can’t keep pace with growth

Teams unable to limit cost increases or secure inventory

Delays or product experiences that cause customer dissatisfaction

Poor communication with suppliers

Impaired efficiency

Better Negotiations Start Here...

Schedule a 30-min discovery call

Schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with Juli to learn how we might best work together to support your team.

Invite key team members to the table

We’ll meet with additional members of your team to discuss pain points, needs, and goals.

Receive a “just-for-you” proposal

We’ll deliver a custom approach to take you and your team from ‘stalled’ to ‘stellar.’

Unlock the highest value with JHL Solutions:

Build a team of exemplary negotiators

Attract and retain the best suppliers

Establish new categories and maximize profitability

Gain a competitive advantage by launching great private-label products that win across multiple channels

Elevate the impact of your proposals and counteroffers

Create best practices for supplier onboarding

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