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JHL Solutions takes the mystery out of building successful retail partnerships.

Retail is evolving faster than ever.

Retailers are focused on data analytics and technology to help them understand and serve their customers. Suppliers are looking at trade dynamics, supply chain disruptions, and performance metrics and data to increase efficiency and keep costs from rising.

Both groups are spending less time talking to each other and making progress on shared private label goals.

Great retail partnerships are becoming few & far between.

Teams are struggling & businesses are missing opportunities to develop quality products their customers will love. There’s no magic! Everyone is spending too much time (and money) fixing mistakes caused by not understanding each others’ expectations.

We're all about partnerships.

Real change can happen with the right team in place and the right strategies, processes, and tools to support them. Our clients increase productivity, reduce risk, and develop better products – quickly and for less.

Our experience lies in helping perfect-fit partners find each other – our passion is transforming how they work together.


Focus on Private-Label Partnerships

We focus exclusively on elevating supplier and retailer partnerships and transforming how they work together to develop must-have private-label products.


Cross-Functional Perspective

With 20+ years of global sourcing, buying, inventory management, strategic planning, and project planning experience – we know how to bring the pieces together to activate solutions and drive sales and profit.

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Direct Import Experience

Working with retailers and suppliers across the globe, we understand how different business and social cultures can influence how teams work together. We leverage this experience to deliver value for key partners that are international in scope and location.


GAPS Negotiation Expert

We believe effective negotiation is key to a high-performing partnership. With GAPS trained expertise, we help partners find mutually beneficial outcomes and implement an ongoing negotiation strategy.

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