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Retail Advisory Services

Data-driven insights & expert advice to help you succeed at any stage.

Supply chain decisions are complex, nuanced, and expensive.

To succeed in retail, you need to be able to negotiate and source quality products. A lot of early-stage businesses fail because they don't know how to do this work effectively.

Lost revenue

Missed opportunities

Operational inefficiencies

Unmet expectations

Negotiate & Source Like a Pro

JHL Solutions helps overwhelmed executives and early-stage founders avoid costly mistakes and scale efficiently.

Guidance to navigate complex decisions

Establish processes & best practices

Upskill & empower your team

Save valuable time & resources

Test assumptions that could take you off course

Capitalize on opportunities

Build your professional network

Propel your business to greater heights

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Advisory Services

Build your procurement know-how and activate a strategy that gets you (and your team) where you want to be.

Capabilities Assessment

Gauge your ability to design, produce & deliver products.

Market Research

Gain a solid understanding of your market and its dynamics.

Strategic Positioning

Define a competitive position and stand out in your market.


Teach your team to take the reigns on negotiations and sourcing work.

Ready to tackle your sourcing challenges and level up quickly?

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What you don't know can hurt your business:

Near-term decisions

Missed opportunities for growth and profitability

Limited strategic vision

Risk being outpaced by competitors

Inefficient use of resources

Difficulty leading and inspiring teams

There’s No Time to Waste. Let’s Talk.

Schedule a 30-min discovery call

Schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with Juli to learn how we might best work together to support your team.

Invite key team members to the table

We’ll meet with additional members of your team to discuss pain points, needs, and goals.

Receive a “just-for-you” proposal

We’ll deliver a custom approach to take you and your team from ‘stalled’ to ‘stellar.’

Shift into a growth mindset:

Make better/high-impact decisions

Stay informed/up-to-date

Gain a market and competitive advantages

Avoid costly mistakes

Drive your organization forward

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