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Sourcing Solutions

Choose the right partners, minimize risks, and scale profitability.

Is your approach to sourcing “risky” business?

Reliable partnerships with capable suppliers are critical for retailers looking to scale. This is especially true as supply chains become more global and specialized. Unfortunately, those without strategic sourcing capabilities will fail to channel their ambition into successful private-label products, creating unnecessary risk and missing added margin opportunities.

This creates avoidable supply chain issues, like:

Out-of-control cost increases

Inconsistent & poor-quality products

Disruptions & delays

Damage to reputation

Lost sales

Make Sourcing a Core Competency

JHL Solutions helps retailers create a vision & implement a path for private-label product lines. With 20 years of experience and a global footprint, our insights will give you a leg up on the competition and value for your shareholders.

Access new & innovative products

Evaluate & strengthen supplier partnerships

Diversify your supplier base

Implement industry-leading best-practices

Negotiate better terms & pricing

Increase capacity & productivity

Consistently produce high-quality products

Drive growth & increase market share

Extend your Capabilities

Get executive-level leadership & gain a competitive edge for years to come.

We offer five ways to help you optimize your sourcing strategy:

Up Your Sourcing Game. Now.

Whether you're looking to expand your private-label product line, improve your supply chain, or enter new markets, we can help.

Book a 30-min discovery call

Schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with Juli to learn how we might best work together to support your team.

Invite key team members to the table

We’ll meet with additional members of your team to discuss pain points, needs, and goals.

Receive a “just-for-you” proposal

We’ll deliver a custom approach to take you and your team from ‘stalled’ to ‘stellar.’

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Gaps in sourcing capabilities can lead to:

Increased risk & spending


Difficulties navigating supply chain disruptions


Problems securing inventory


Unpredictable margins

Difficulty maintaining supplier relationships

Protect your business with JHL Solutions:

Implement industry-leading sourcing processes


Develop contingency plans to reduce the impact of disruptions


Identify opportunities to enhance cost savings & quality

Improve communication, monitoring & development


Ensure suppliers meet the standards that your business requires

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