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What does JHL Solutions do?

JHL Solutions connects the dots between retailers and suppliers. We bring the knowledge and expertise needed to find, vet, and onboard retail partners. We specifically focus on strategy and execution for owned brands, sourcing, and negotiation activities – as well as the processes and coaching teams need to bring these activities to life.

Who do you work with?

We work with retailers and suppliers of consumer goods with annual revenue of $1M+.

How do I know if your services are for me?

We help retailers and suppliers who need to:

  • Build internal processes and teams to import products

  • Change countries of production

  • Start sourcing their own brand products

  • Effectively negotiate with suppliers

  • Find new/different partners

  • Scale at mass retail

How do I get my product into retailers?

JHL Solutions is not in sales. However, we leverage our industry experience and relationships to help you build credibility with retail and global sourcing teams. This is essential for suppliers looking to take their products to mass retail.

How do I improve at sourcing & negotiating?

How you organize your team and with whom can have a monumental impact on the results of your sourcing and negotiating efforts. We have the insights, processes, and tools to help with that.