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If you have a question about our services, private-label partnerships, or negotiations that isn't answered here, please contact us.

  • What does JHL Solutions do?
    We transform how retailers & suppliers work together to bring must-have private label products to market. We have a specialized focus on partnerships & negotiations.
  • Who do you work with?
    We work with retailers and suppliers of consumer goods with annual revenue of $10M+.
  • How do I know if your services are for me?
    We help retailers who need to: Negotiate or renegotiate costs to achieve supply assurance and product innovation Build internal processes to streamline negotiation & sourcing activities Find the right suppliers to launch and grow private-label assortments Create and implement a sustainability framework
  • Can you help me improve my negotiation skills?
    How you organize your team and with whom can have a monumental impact on the results of your negotiating efforts. We have the insights, processes, and tools to help with that!
  • Can you help me get my product into retailers?
    JHL Solutions is not in sales. However, we leverage our industry experience and relationships to help you build credibility with retail teams. This is essential for suppliers looking to take their products to mass retail.
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