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Why sustainability? Why now?

Consumers are ready

Consumers are ready to build back better as the global community and economy re-emerges from COVID era responses

Robust resources are available

The resources at your disposal have never been more robust to support your journey


More and more partners are offering diverse solutions & advocacy

What is the Circular Economy?

The Circular Economy specifically supports an organization moving from the linear model many retailers embrace today, to a more regenerative model that eliminates waste and pollution throughout the product lifecycle. This approach can help organizations create a competitive advantage and drive growth while sustaining the planet.

The concept is simple, but applying it is challenging. We can help.

Bring the Circular Economy to life

We offer collaborative and cross-functional learning experiences designed to shift teams from sustainable concepts to real-world applications. Participants will learn how to overcome challenges and increase profit from implementing a circular approach.

Circular Economy 101

A 60-min. facilitated discussion of Circular Economy principles.

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Abbreviated Simulation

A group simulation that puts small groups in charge of building a profitable, circular business:

  • An overview of Circular Economy principles


  • 4-weeks of facilitated virtual instruction


  • 4 rounds of team decision-making

  • Teams will evaluate the effectiveness of their decisions on the company’s revenue, profit, and circularity, among other key metrics

  • Debrief of results


$200 per person $5,000 per cohort

Sponsored Simulation

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  • An overview of Circular Economy principles


  • 16-weeks of facilitated virtual instruction in partnership with Finn-Lab


  • Debrief of results


  • Customized support materials

  • Sponsorship Opportunities

Starts at $5,000