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Accelerate your transformation
from linear to circular

Experiential learning for retail teams ready to take the Circular
Economy from conceptual idea to real-world application.

The Circular Economy is simple in theory, but applying it can be a different story.

Shifting from linear production to a regenerative, circular model is good for the planet and good for business. But for many teams, it comes with some hurdles:

Strategic, sustainable frameworks can be challenging to develop & implement

Examples of impactful educational materials are limited

Generating new green business models requires resource investment

Many organizations simply don't know or feel ready to take the first steps

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Learn how to implement Circular Economy strategies:

We offer an interactive, web-based simulation powered by Inchainge that place teams in charge of building a profitable, circular business:

Understand and experience the opportunities and challenges of adopting circular strategies

Learn how to overcome challenges and grow profit from implementing a circular approach

Evaluate how decisions impact revenue, profit, circularity, and other key metrics

Build and implement a strategic framework to meet your climate-positive goals

Assess the impact your organization has on the environment

Lead and collaborate in a dynamic, cross-functional approach

“What you have is all you have, and there is no more.”

Ellen McArthur

Image by Noah Buscher

Bring the Circular Economy to life through immersive learning experiences.

The Blue Connection simulation is an interactive and highly effective way to learn and apply Circular Economy principles. JHL Solutions can customize the simulation to meet the learning objectives of your audience.

As the management of a virtual company, you decide on suppliers to source from, the quality and recyclability of materials to buy, the cost and process of reusing, recycling, and repairing – the sort of challenges that any business currently has to deal with when navigating sustainable approaches.

Organizational Strategy + Training Session

Jump-start the development of a strategic & sustainable framework.

  • Customized overview of Circular Economy principles & strategies

  • Guided facilitation of The Blue Connection simulation

  • Group discussion and debrief

  • Apply what you learn to your organization’s strategic goals

Amplifier of Academic Coursework

Integrate Circular concepts into college coursework to maximize learning potential.

  • Students join their classmates in interactive sessions that build on their classroom experience

  • Includes weekly discussion of strategies + debrief of rounds

  • In-person or virtual instruction + virtual office hours availabile

  • Custom materials to align with coursework methodologies

Dynamic Conference Workshop

Create a valuable & engaging experience for your next professional trade event.

  • Customized overview of Circular Economy principles & strategies

  • Guided facilitation of The Blue Connection simulation

  • Group review & debrief

Jump Start your Journey

Request a free, no-obligation demo

Access explanatory videos and the simulation via our online portal.

Customize your experience

Receive a custom proposal based on your unique learning objectives and event duration.

Book a date

Contact us to schedule an in-person or virtual event.

Retailers can no longer afford to ignore sustainability.

Your consumers are demanding more

Your competition is making moves

Our planet can no longer wait

It’s time to think differently.

Drive exponential business growth while sustaining the planet


Enter new markets and gain market share


Leverage circular principles to create a competitive advantage


Offer new and differentiated value propositions


Tear down functional silos and create the right cross-functional mindset


Support recruitment efforts through experiential learning


Connect your team, network, and students with global partners in circular thinking and methodologies

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