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Articles and insights to help you navigate the complex world of private-label partnerships, the circular economy, and mass retail.

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Supply Chain Connections

In this episode, Juli Lassow joins Host Brian Glick, CEO of, to discuss LogTech; insolvency on supply chains; the nitty gritty of sourcing, nearshoring, and multi-source sourcing; and best practices for shippers and retailers.

Supply Chain Next

Juli offers valuable insights on topics such as Circular Retail and Sustainability, Private Labels in Retail, The Supply Chain Question, Dating for Business, and the transition from Corporate to Consultant.

Press & Interviews


Retail Supply Chain 101, Market Trends and Developments with Wade Wickus

Supply Chain Secret Sauce


The Value of Supply Chain Partnerships

Supply Chain Connections


Revolutionizing Retail, Sustainable Strategies, & the Future of Partnerships

Supply Chain Next


Retail, Ecommerce & Amazon Juicy Nuggets All Star Edition

Always Off Brand


How Suppliers Can Leverage Their Circular Economy With Their Clients

The Ecommerce Lab

Press & Interviews
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